– Starters:

          – A collection of aromatic salads.

– Soup (Harira): traditional soup of Morocco Andalusian origin, it consists of tomatoes, dried vegetables, celery and onions.

         – Soup of carrots: with potatoes, onions, thyme and rosemary.

Main Meals:

Tagines: A Tagine is an earthenware dish with a distinctive conical lid, which allows the steam to condense back into the food to enhance its flavours.

* Chicken Tagine:

        – Chicken Tagine with lemon sauce and olives.

– Chicken Tagine with almonds and apricots.

*Meat Tajine  (beef or lamb):

       – Tagine with caramelised prunes and onions.

– Tagine with caramelised prunes and almonds.

– Tagine with the vegetables of the season.

– Tagine with peas and the heart of Artichoke.

– Tagine with peas and turnips.

*Tajine of fish:

       – Tagine with rissole sardine, tomatoes and lemon.

– Tagine with rissole sardine, tomatoes.

– Fish Tagine with vegetables.

– Couscous: Couscous is a dish native Berber Maghreb, made from durum wheat semolina and meat (beef, lamb or chicken) This is one of the iconic dishes of Berber cuisine, Jewish and Mediterranean.

* Vegetable couscous.

*Couscous with Caramelized Onions.


         – Orange slices drizzled with cinnamon and rose water.

– Fresh fruit salad.

– A collection of Moroccan pastry.