One day trip : Essaouira Starting from 8am to 7pm

Essaouira is 170 Kms from Marrakech on the Atlantic coast of Morocco. Essaouira is a coastal city that has a beautiful Medina declared as a human heritage site by UNESCO. The Medina is surrounded by walls that protect it from winds and waves of the sea, and offers a wide variety of artisanal works such as wood of Thuja and silver. Another wonder of Essaouira is its fishing port where you can observe a large number of well organized and painted blue barracks. Near the port you can enjoy delicious Atlantic fish. This is a resort in the most fascinating of the Atlantic coast, with walls that divide the old city into several districts.
The Gnawa festival, which is held regularly in summer, is a measure of cultural treasures that Essaouira abounds and provides a platform for exchanges and a meeting point of music and dialogue between foreign artists and the mystical Gnawa (also Gnawa) musicians.


Small group : 30€ / person
Private transport : 60€ / person